About us

Site homeffect.com is devoted to smart devices and technologies, household appliances and any other gadgets that make people life easier. This site was launched in December, 1 2018.

Our audience consists of both professionals in household appliances area (company representatives, distributors, retailers) and ordinary users that come to our site looking for relevant information about this or that device. This site is equally interesting both for professionals and regulars.

This can be explained by the fact that we publish not only the most detailed reviews of new models of various devices before they appear on the marked, but we also perform comparative analysis of old and new models.

Unlike other resources like this we don’t use 3rd parties articles, we publish only original content. It means that our readers get access to primary data that are the most up to date.

Information on our site is constantly renewed and changed, which allows not only to correct mistakes, but also to add the newest information (for example, change device technical characteristics description).

Or site slogan is – «Take a step to make your home smarter».

There are several people in our team, but the administrator and the founder is:

Tom Brin

He generates ideas, writes interesting reviews, articles, posts. He covers the news of technologies and the latest news in the field of techniques and gadgets. He sees into rumours and insights, keeps track of scandals, observes what is happening in the world of technology.

You can contact the site administration by e-mail: dofollow@outlook.com