Whites Coinmaster Pro

This is indeed an ideal entry-level device. To describe it with one phrase I’d say – this is a “switch on and dig” metal detector. It is highly consistent and it has a perfect discrimination function.

Unlike other ordinary Coinmaster metal detectors, Pro model has multi-tonal audio signals (audio identification), a bit improved searching depth and an ability to turn on elements discrimination function selectively in any order.

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Garrett Асе 250

Garrett ACE 250 is an improved ACE 150 model. This reliable, easy in mastering device has a strong presence among modern metal detectors. It is a legend among treasure hunters.

It was Garrett ACE 250 that was used by a lot of contemporary treasure hunting professionals at the beginning of their career and they still like this device.

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Garrett ACE 200

GARRETT ACE 200 – is a convenient and multi-purpose metal detector for jewelry hunting or searching for relics, which can be used even the least experienced treasure hunter.

A metal detector Garrett ACE 200 is the simplest device you can ever think about. However, it is a quite fully-featured one. Its undoubted advantage is price, simple adjustment and light weight.

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MINELAB Go-Find 60

This one will do for both the beginners and those who want to get a small sized device that can be always with you, for example, in a car.

MINELAB Go-Find 60 – is the newest device and it is highly likely that future Minelab models will inherit quite a lot from it. The product line is represented by three metal detectors – Go-Find 20, Go-Find 40 and Go-Find 60. Since Go-Find 60 is the most sophisticated and highly productive one, let’s begin with reviewing it first.

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