Dyson Pure Hot+Cool is a safe, efficient, smart and expensive device

In our today’s review we introduce Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link Air Purifier that takes care of your health and comfort. The device can both cool down and heat the air, as well as purify it and it is completely safe at the same time. Well, what else can we say about it – maybe, that it’s very stylish and expensive.
Dyson Pure Hot Cool review

In average we spend about 70% of our time inside. Moreover, we don’t care much that pollution of the air in our house could sometimes exceed that parameter of the outside air. As the years go by, each new building becomes more airproof, which significantly restricts air circulation there.

To resolve this matter Dyson has designed a device that purifies the air and simultaneously spreads it over the room. The device can act as a heater and air conditioner at the same time.

The most crucial points highlighted in the review

Air purifier Dyson Pure Hot Cool was designed to work all the year round. In winter it heats the air in the house, in summer it acts as a fan and purifies the air inside at the same time. Due to the device’s wide bottom and low-level gravity center it appears to be quite steady, which is important for families that have small children or pets.

Dyson Pure Hot Cool package contents and control principles don’t require any special knowledge of mechanics. All you have to do is to turn the device on and replace the filter timely, which again is plain and simple.

Dyson Pure Hot Cool has three air filtration systems: a mechanical filter, HEPA-filter and a carbon one. These allow capturing small particles up to 1/10 of micron! All above mentioned means that this device is irreplaceable for people with all kinds of allergic diseases.

Another feature of this air purifier is that it uses ceramic heating units and their temperature doesn’t exceed 200 degrees. What does it mean? Well, you won’t get that burning dust smell as it usually happens when using ordinary heaters with filament winding.

Packaging box

This air purifier is delivered in a large elongated corrugated board box. It has no handle and it is film-coated. The box has an elegant and informative appearance. All device’s advantages, features and ways to use it are mentioned on the box sides.
Packaging box
Exact mass of the purifier is indicated as well to ensure defining integrity of the device’s package of contents by weighing it.

Minimal amount of plastic is used in packaging. Corrugated board insertions and dividers are put into the box to separate and protect the device components.

Package of contents

  1. purifier-fan heater
  2. remote control device
  3. user manual

In the box you will find the purifier with not detachable power cord, a remote control device and user manual. Actually, these are all the things you need, but an auxiliary filter could be a nice bonus though.


The device height is 630 mm. Its base diameter is 220 mm. Maximum angle of the purifier base rotation is 70 degrees.

Due to a special shape of the purifier radiator that inlets air from all sides and the ability of the device’s case to rotate you can put it anywhere you like. The power of one Dyson Pure Hot+Cool device is enough to purify the air in a large room and a corridor or in a big studio.

If you expect the air flow to be directed on standing or sitting adults, in this case, I’m afraid, the height of Dyson Pure Hot+Cool is too small to put it on the floor and it is too high to put it on a table. However, this demerit is successfully balanced out by the fact that you can incline the fan case back and forth on a small angle directing the air flow up or down.

The device engine is placed in the bottom of its case and fixed in a special cover to minimize vibration and noise.

You can also control the air flow by choosing scattered or focused flow mode. Besides, there is a rotation mode when the device case turns to the left and right at 70 degrees.
device height is 630 mm
The control button is in the bottom of the purifier case. Short push of the button turns the device on and off. Long push changes the temperature value (from 0 to 37 and back to 0). At that when you choose zero the cooling mode (fan) is on. The button edges are highlighted with blue when the fan mode is on and with red when the heater is on.

This device weighs 3.97 kg, therefore it won’t be a problem to move it around the house. The power cord is 1.8 m long with a very convenient socket plug.

Here is a comment from Jane, who’s been using this purifier model for more than 6 month already:

In 2017 I found out that Dyson has designed a purifier. I have already got a fan produced by this company and I’m very satisfied about it. So, I decided to buy this air purifier, because I’ve been suffering hopelessly with some kind of allergy for quite a long time. Doctors have various ideas in this respect. One of them say, that I’m allergic to some flowers or herbs blossom, but I can’t agree with this, since they usually bloom at some specific time and my allergy persists from March-April to October-November.

In the purifier manual it is said that it captures 99,95% of allergic agents which make the air inside just perfect for people with allergy. It also has lots of useful features. It is chilly in the room – ok, let’s increase the heater temperature a bit, and in a minute a nice warm wind is blowing inside. It has become hot – here you are, switch the cooling mode on and now a cool air flow creates cozy environment for you.

The device has a user-friendly control, which doesn’t require any long instructing before use. It allows me (I’m not a tech geek at all) using this air purifier and all its features. When you turn it on, it is a bit noisy at first, but it gets quieter in about 5 minutes and the indicator becomes green saying that the air inside my room is clean. The device works very silently. Taking into account how sensitive I am to all sounds when I sleep, I can’t hear the device at all when it is on.

This model cleans air from bacteria, dust and even foreign smells (I turn it on in the kitchen after I finish cooking). The remote control device helps to switch the device on automatically at any pre-set time.

I’m very pleased with the Dyson air purifier and definitely happy about this purchase!

upper side

The appearance

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool has a massive base, its gravity center is shifted down, which makes the device balanced enough not to fall down if pushed. Besides, it has 5 rubber legs placed on the edges of its base. They prevent Dyson from sliding over smooth surfaces.

The main component parts of the purifier are made of white and blue glassy plastic. Finger prints can’t be seen on this kind of surface and it is easily cleaned, which is definitely a huge advantage. Since if you compare this kind of plastic with the one used for iLife A6 robovac case, you’ll see the difference – it just collects dust and finger prints once it was touched.
pushing buttons on its left and right sides
The mouth of air delivery pipe, its inside and the filter housing – all of them are made of plastic with silvery or grey matt covering. The housing protects the filter from external physical actions. When pushing buttons on its left and right sides the filter is easily dismounted and you can see its plug. The rubber surround ensure airtight installation of the filter inside the purifier.

Under this housing there is 360° Glass HEPA, that is covered with a perforated radiator unit made of gray plastic. It was designed to inlet air from all sides to get maximum effect.

Dyson is known to invent the Air Multiplier technology. Basing on this technology the Dyson company produces its humidifiers, fans, fan heaters.
Air inlet
Air is inlet through the mesh that surrounds the center of the filter housing and it is blown out through the air delivery pipe on top. Actually, the air comes out through the apertures on perimeter of air delivery pipe inside. As a result, the transferred air amount increases due to additional air passing through the pipe.

This is, actually, what Air Multiplier technology is about. At that the fan baffles are hidden inside the device case, you can’t see them and they can’t do any harm to the user.
Heating elements

Air diffusion unit with ceramic heating elements is located at the top of the device, in the elongated part of its case. The heating elements temperature is never higher than 200°C. The tests performed using a thermal camera shown that maximal heating temperature was – 198 degrees centigrade. Due to this fact, we have never got that dust burning smell while carrying out the tests. Though, this occurs quite often with this kind of devices especially at the very beginning of their utilization.

The upper part of the purifier case is made of white or blue ABS plastic, since this model is made to have two-color design. As for the dust and finger prints – they are barely seen on the surface, as we’ve already mentioned above. The case itself can be cleaned with little effort even when the device is on – there are no rotating fan blades or other dangerous components outside the purifier case.

The filter

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool main feature is its patented 360° Glass HEPA filter. It took the company 10 years to design it. However, if we skip all its descriptions from ads, this is just a cylinder covered with filter layers. Due to its shape the filter uniformly purifies the air all around the device improving its efficiency.

The filter contains several layers – a plastic mesh comes first, it captures course dust, then there is a plaited HEPA filter made of borosilicate-glass fiber and after that comes a layer of absorbent coal. I assume everything is clear about the plastic mesh, however, HEPA-filter and absorbent coal layer may prompt questions.
Dyson Pure Hot+Cool air filter
HEPA-filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) – is a standard one for all top-class vacuum cleaners, since it can capture maximum dust. In our case we have a borosilicate-glass fiber HEPA-filter. If you unfold the fiber it’ll be 6.3 meters long! At that it is very thin and dense fiber.

The absorbent coal layer is placed behind it. The coal crystals capture volatile organic components, smells and toxins, for example, vapors from painted surfaces.

Moreover, this coal layer has tris treatment (tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane). This is a substance that increases the filter ability to hold potentially toxic gases, such as formaldehyde. This gas may vapor from furniture, textile and painted surfaces and you can’t actually smell it in your every day environment.

Formaldehyde reacts with tris and forms a new chemical combination, which means that formaldehyde becomes chemically binded and it won’t get back into the room later on.

As a result, all the filters ensure capturing up to 99,95% of microscopic allergenic agents, smells and toxic particles sized up to 0.1 micron, which is about 800 times thinner than a human hair.

Does it sound as another commercial text to you? Well, it’s not. The filter is approved to be used by allergy-prone people and it meets asthma & allergy friendly™ standards. I must say, that it’s not that easy to get such a status …

The device is programmed to give you a reminder once in 12 month, that it’s about time to replace your filter. It is calculated on the assumption of 12 hours daily usage of the purifier, otherwise you’ll get the reminder once in 6 month if using the device 24 hours a day.

It has a sensor that reminds you to replace the filter. At that, it is acceptable that in case of high load (the purifier is put on the floor somewhere with lots of coarse dust, for example) you’ll vacuum it carefully from time to time.

The remote control device

It is small and light weight. Its case and buttons are made of plastic with silvery matt cover and transparent plastic plugs are placed in its front edges. The buttons click a little when pushed. The commands are transferred to the device via infrared port.
remote control
The remote control has buttons to switch the device on and off as well as for mode selection (heating or fan), air blow intensity (from 1 to 10), preferable temperature, rotation mode on/off, timer setting, air flow type (focused or uniform). Sleep mode timer can be set starting from 15 minutes up to 9 hours left till the off time.

The remote control requires one CR2032 battery. Nominally the remote control should be placed on top of the purifier case, where it is kept with a magnet. The remote control is a bit bended and it follows the shape of the upper side of the device case. Due to the magnet inside the case the remote control is reliably fixed with its buttons down.

The remote control with a new battery performs at a distance up to 6 m from the purifier. At that you should direct the remote control onto the front bottom part of the device case.
remote control on upper side of the device case
Except all of above mentioned, Dyson has introduced an application, that you can also use to control the device. This app performs perfectly and can completely replace the remote control device.

Here is another comment from Sarah, who bought Dyson Pure Hot Cool to put it in the nursery:

Since last winter we’d decided to get a heater for our nursery. Our children usually play on the floor and it’s quite a problem to make them dress warmer clothes. When there are three kids it is almost impossible…Oil or electric heaters are not the option in this case. We needed a fan heater, that’ll blow a warm wind around the room and these are safer as well.

Once we started looking for the one it was a complete disaster – one heater is large as a cooker, another looks as old as it was made in a stone age or it sounds like a flying plane.

So, then I saw dyson hot+cool it was much more expensive, than any ordinary model I must admit. But it looked completely different as well. What is most important, it takes minimum space, it has a remote control, so I don’t have to run to it every time I need to turn the heater on/off or change the temperature.

What appeared crucial to me is that it can also function as a fan, but without the dangerous blades that are usually not hidden in other fans. So we get two in one for the price and it’s really cool. Another thing that appeared to be an advantage for me is its appearance – it is “slim” and tall, not like the rest fat and bulky devices that take so much space.

Oh, and it is extremely easy to clean – just wipe it with a cloth and it’s like new again. The device is silent and scent-free. It doesn’t disturb our kids sleep in any way, so they are very happy, say nothing of us)

How to manage the air purifier

It is more convenient to control Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link Air Purifier by means of a smart phone or the remote control device. Moreover, only by means of the remote control you can turn on the rotation mode as well as switch between the modes, change airflow intensity and set the timer to turn the device off.

However, there is a button on the purifier case. Short button push turns it on/off and long push scrolls the temperature value (from 0 to 37 and back to 0). At that, when you choose zero temperature value, it means that the device will just perform as a fan.
buttons on the purifier case
Blue or red color of the button edge indicates the device operation mode (airing or heating). A bar LED display above the button shows current air blow intensity in the first case, and a value of the set temperature in the second one. The highlighting fades quite fast, so just the color of the button edge reminds of the device current operation mode.

The red spot near the temperature value indicates that now the heater is on. All indicators are not very bright; therefore it’s not likely that they’ll disturb your sleep.

You can additionally control the air flow by selecting scattered or focused flow mode. Moreover, you can switch on the rotation mode when the device case turns from left to right on 70 degrees in total (as the manufacturer states).


Dyson Pure Hot+Cool is a device with tree features available: air purification, fan and heater. This fan heater will be especially useful for families with children, since all its rotating components as well as heating elements are hidden, which makes the device kids-friendly.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool fan heater will never do any harm to you or your kid, since the fan blades are inside the device case. You will never get burnt as well, because none of the device surfaces become hot. The purifier will turn off if it falls down and the heating mode is automatically turned off after 9 hours of continuous operation.

You will not get any burning dust smell when the device works, since its heating elements temperature doesn’t exceed 200 °C. Unlike any other fan, it is an easily cleaned and maintenance friendly device, where you can manage the air flow in a single move.

As for the purifier demerits – it can be its high price and not very high speed of air purification. However, it happens quite seldom that you encounter something good and cheap at the same time. As for the device productivity – it was sacrificed to offer higher quality of air purification.

Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link + Echo Dot Bundle, White Purifier Black Echo Dot
191 Reviews
Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link + Echo Dot Bundle, White Purifier Black Echo Dot
  • 3-in-1: Purifies all year round, can heat the whole room or cool you as a fan
  • Echo Dot (2nd Generation) is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, make calls, send and receive messages, provide information, read the news, set alarms, read audiobooks from Audible, and more

  • Quite stylish design
  • Branded application to control the device from your smart phone
  • High quality of air purification
  • The case doesn’t become hot, so you can’t get burnt
  • The fan blades are hidden in the device case
  • It heats the air and ventilates
  • HEPA-filter and coal filter
  • Two years warranty

  • The price
  • Not very high productivity
  • It is necessary to replace the filter once a year

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