Food Cycler Platinum – turns your household organic waste into “gold”!

Every year an average American produces about 475 pounds (215.5 kg) of kitchen slosh. The main problem that leads to expansion in organic wastes amount is the growth of foodstuff industry and human prodigality. Manufacturers fill the shops with their goods trying to increase their sales volume. Consumers in their turn buy more than they actually can eat.

Then all the leftovers and uneaten food go to disposal sites where they dissolve and contaminate the atmosphere with manure gas and other toxic organic compounds. However, this isn’t the only thing that can happen to organic wastes, since it can be used for good as well. Exactly for this purpose Food Cycle Science Company has designed Food Cycler Platinum. This is a small sized, eco-friendly food and garbage disposal unit. This is a new model that has substituted the previous one. This model is an improved one according to users’ feedback received.

Food Cycler Platinum and Food Cycler Indoor Kitchen Compost Container

What is compost and how it appears?

Compost is a manure that is obtained as a result of organic substances rotting under the influence of microorganism activity.

There are two types of composting – anaerobiotic (without oxygen involved) and aerobiotic (oxygen is involved). The second type is more convenient in case if you have a garden plot. This kind of composting doesn’t require any equipment and expensive additives with bacteria. Aerobiotic composting of organic wastes occurs on its own due to the microorganisms that inhabit in the soil.

These are different insects, fungi and worms. The latter are the most active participants of the composting process – they eat organic wastes fast and transform them into substances useful for the soil.

As a rule the full composting cycle takes about 1-2 years, however the process can be accelerated if necessary. When black mold humus is ready you can use it in the garden by scattering it around trees and plants. In case of sandy soil compost acts as a sponge.

It collects and accumulates water and nutrients for plant roots. If you have a clayey soil, compost makes it more porous by creating tiny holes that improve water ingress and transportation through the ground.

Sounds great, isn’t it?

The manufacturer calls the device Environmentally Friendly Food Composter, but it isn’t actually the one.

Food Cycler Platinum operating principle

Well, Food Cycler Platinum functions using completely different principle. So, it’s better to call it a kind of food dehydrator with a mill. It grinds up then dries organic wastes and this way turns it into useful and eco-friendly substance that decays fast under the influence of microorganisms and worms.

This fact alone, that these wastes are germ free means that the device isn’t a composter. As you remember, these are bacteria that turn organic wastes into artificial manure.

Food Cycle Science Company has designed a good product, but why did they call it a composter? Well, I think this is just a marketing trick. Since it is easier to sell a composter, then some kind of Food Recycler and Kitchen Compost Container. Well, I won’t be judging them for this.

Food Cycler Platinum vs Smart Cara CS-25 W

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Advantages of such an operating principle

The reverse side of such an approach is it’s simplicity – this is what everyone needs. You just put leftovers into a container (½ gallon volume), push the button and forget about it for 3-6 hours. In 3 hours the leftovers turn into thin, dry and crisp pieces.

Through this period of time the leftovers mass decreases up to 90% due to its heating at about 80 Centigrade (176 F). All you need to do is just scatter these on the ground and let them rot and turn into soil reach in micro-elements. Unlike other composters that can’t work without bacteria and worms, this device doesn’t require any ferments or additives. Sure thing, not everyone is ready to deal with worms.
food waste
Besides, in this device the leftovers don’t rot. Which in its turn solves two problems at once. Firstly, there is no smell (the device has a carbon filter as well). Secondly, manure gas and carbon dioxide aren’t produced. When the filter stops cleaning efficiently a small red lamp lights up and it means that it’s time to replace the filter.

Unfortunately, you can’t wash the filter and it has to be replaced. The average operation time of the filter is – 120 hours or 4 months of everyday use. This is quite long, though still we’d recommend buying some spare filters at once.

According to the studies performed by Harvard University, just Americans alone annually throw away about 40% of food stuff which is equivalent to 165 milliard of dollars. At that many third world countries still suffer from food shortages. Every ninth man on Earth suffers from hunger.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

One of the questions that potential buyers have is – Does the output smell? No, it doesn’t. There is no smell at all. Food Cycler Platinum can be surely used in the kitchen, though some users put in the garage to save their kitchen space.

Another advantage is that these leftovers (after they were processed by the device) don’t attract any animals, gnawing animals and insects. In fact, they aren’t food for them anymore. Can you imagine – mice don’t eat them!

Power consumption is 0.8 – 1.0 kWh per cycle. The device automatically defines the duration of the cycle and turns off when it’s over. Don’t forget to let Food Cycler Platinum cool down and don’t rush to open its lid.

What can you put in it

  • coffee bean remnants
  • eggshell
  • banana skin and watermelon, melon rids (but better cut them in pieces)
  • chicken and fish leftovers and bones
  • cheese
  • vegetables
  • bread
  • citrus fruit
  • pasta
  • vegetable and animal oil

What you mustn’t put there

  • Hard bones such as beef bones and pig bones
  • Candy or gum
  • Cooking oils or greases
  • Hard pits (peaches, apricots, nectarines)
  • Nuts and other hard shells

The device processes bones, hard fibers, meat and citrus fruit, decreases release of manure gas into the atmosphere. The Food Recycler blades easily mill leftovers into small pieces, then they are heated, they decay and compose a soil matrix. The unique carbon filtration system eliminates the smell completely, which makes the device perfect for using inside.

It turns off automatically once the processing cycle is over. The removable waste bucket is dishwasher-friendly and it can be easily cleaned manually as well.

Food Cycler Platinum has a 1 year warranty.


Food Cycler Platinum is a path breaker on the market. I’m sure that in the nearest future the company will become a leader and its products will be the best ones. Nowadays, the market for such devices is just developing. Shortly, a reasonable utilization of organic wastes will become not just some modern trend, but a vital need. This is when a Food Cycler Platinum has an almost ideal solution for the problem. Of course, it won’t leave aside those who like working in the garden and growing plants. Indeed, obtaining perfect manure from what is considered garbage makes the device priceless.

Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Food Recycler and Kitchen Compost Container
58 Reviews
Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Food Recycler and Kitchen Compost Container
  • NEW AND IMPROVED - Now with Filter Monitoring System - Never worry about when to change your filters again!
  • All in one food composter makes composting kitchen waste a snap. Reduces kitchen waste up to 90% of it's original volume
  • Kitchen Compost Shredder Composts to a viable soil amendment in less than 3 hours
  • Odorless and environmentally conscious kitchen compost container
  • No venting, draining or additives required

  • It’s a really useful device
  • User friendly
  • No smell
  • Very quiet
  • Small sized
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe
  • The processed leftovers don’t attract gnawing animals

  • Small volume
  • You need to replace filters
  • Price

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