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How to choose the best bike lock and is it worth buying at all?

Statistically bikes are stolen more often than cars. So, now you are looking for the best lock for your bike? Well, it doesn’t exist. All of them are vulnerable one way or another, but some of them are just more reliable and resist lock snapping longer. In this review you’ll find out about 10 best bike locks, choose the one for you and learn how to use it in a proper way.

I’d like to discuss a topic which is quite challenging for any biker. Because, both beginners and experienced bike riders still quite often inquire about choosing such a bike lock which will make them sure that the bike won’t be stolen.

best bike locks

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Roborock S5 review – has it really become better or is it just another marketing trick?

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum vs Roborock Sweep One

Welcome Roborock S5 in our new review – this a new model of robot vacuum cleaner by Xiaomi. Here you will find out what makes this device different from the previous model, whether it has become better, smarter. What navigation systems does it use, how long can it work using just one battery charge? And, finally, whether this new robovac model is worth buying?

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A best food dehydrators for those who really care about healthy diet

Nowadays, the old saying, we are what we eat, becomes more and more up to date. Would you like to make your meals healthier?

best food dehydrators

If the answer is yes, then you definitely should turn your attention to the best food dehydrators that save all useful vitamins and enzymes in the food due to low-temperature cooking. So, this is what our today’s review will be devoted to.

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iLife A6 – is it really worth its money?

Robot vacuum cleaner iLife A6 is the best among the low priced devices of this kind. Well, what makes it so special? Won’t you regret the money spent? In this review you will find everything about this robovac advantages and disadvantages, its features, abilities and characteristics.

Chinese manufacturer iLife has proved itself as a company that produces low-end robotic technologies for house or flat cleaning. The company has already manufactured about dozen of models of A and V families.

Robot vacuum cleaner iLife A6 continues the product line, however, it is an upgraded, improved and enhanced robovac version if compared to iLife A4.
iLife A6 robot  vacuum review

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