The Salad Cutter Bowl – a fast and easy way to make a salad in 60 seconds!

60 Seconds Salad Maker is a new cooking thing that can be easily used at home as well as during a barbecue or in your country house. This is a very convenient kitchen utensil for fast cutting, slicing of large amount of different food products.

It seems to be quite ridiculous to invent something new in this respect though, since you can always take a knife and cut everything you need for a salad and then just mix it. The salad is ready.
Salad Cutter Bowl 60 Seconds Salad Maker

However, the Salad Cutter Bowl appeared on the market. An inexpensive, easy to use kitchen thing of a good quality. Even an inexperienced cook or just a kid is able to use the Bowl.

Who will find it helpful?

The main benefit you get from buying the Salad Cutter Bowl is a safe cutting process, so even a kid is able to prepare a salad with it! It is of more use for families who don’t often have sharp knives in a kitchen and one wrong move leaves you with a finger cut.

Single men will love it as well as those who are always in a hurry or those who don’t like spending long hours in the kitchen. So, it’ll take just a few minutes to cut your salad ingredients with the Salad Cutter Bowl! It ensures incredibly fast cutting – you literally make a salad 10 times quicker than usual! For example, now to slice vegetables and fruits to make a salad you’ll need just 1 minute!

At that all the pieces and slices of the products will be of equal shape and size. They’ll look the same as those that you see in a restaurant.

You can use any type of knife – an ordinary steel one, ceramic or plastic knife.

After using Salad Cutter Bowl there won’t be lots of washing up, since it is just a small bowl, easy to wash and it is dishwasher friendly.

Considering the fact that the Salad Cutter Bowl is used to cut food products, it is important to be sure in its ecological properties and safety. It is made of food-grade sturdy plastic. This salad cutter bowl is BPA free. It is a plastic item with HDPE+PP Food Grade Material.

Taking into account its simple design, multi-purposeness and easy maintenance 60 Seconds Salad Maker will be your irreplaceable helper in the kitchen for a long time.

How to use it

  • Put all ingredients into the bowl so that they take not more than 3/4 of the bowl volume.
  • Wash vegetables and fruits under the running water. Though, it’s better to do this in advance, since some water may be left in lettuce leaves, for example, and you’ll get too watery salad as a result.
  • Close the bowl and make sure, that its upper part is tightly fixed to its bottom.
  • Cut the ingredients through the special slits into small pieces.
  • Turn the upper side of the bowl by 90 degrees and fix it to the bottom again.
  • Cut the ingredients one more time to make the pieces smaller.


As you see it’s not rocket science and it is simple to make a replica of such an easy device. Considering how popular the Salad Cutter Bowl is, nowadays it has lots of less popular replicas. Therefore, you can choose any other alternative from the list below.

Pluses and minuses

Salad Cutter Bowl Upgraded Salad Maker by WEBSUN Easy Fruit Vegetable Cutter Bowl Fast Fresh Salad Slicer Salad Chopper
477 Reviews
Salad Cutter Bowl Upgraded Salad Maker by WEBSUN Easy Fruit Vegetable Cutter Bowl Fast Fresh Salad Slicer Salad Chopper
  • 【Fast & Easy】Making fresh and healthy salad is no longer a chore. Rinse, chop and serve almost any salad in seconds with our upgraded Salad Maker.
  • 【Upgraded Version】There is a "Sink" around the bottom base avoiding for juice spilling out the slide and onto the counter. Keep Your Counters Clean & Dry.
  • 【Much Easier to Use】Two Rotation Wings added to both sides enable you to rotate the top bowl easily. Only takes 2 fingers to rotate the top bowl while the other hand holding the bottom base.
  • 【Unique Wave-wheel Design】Compared with "flat" design of the top bowl, our "Pulsator Design" makes you easily and quickly rotate the top bowl.
  • 【Healthy】HDPE+PP Food Grade Material BPA Free, no need to worry that it will endanger your health.

  • Low price
  • Fast cutting process
  • No dirty cutting board you need to wash and your fingers are safe
  • Simple to use and to wash
  • Convenient to use outside (during a pick-nick, for example)
  • Safe, made of food-grade sturdy plastic

  • It requires a big and sharp knife
  • You get rather large pieces and slices of food
  • Slippery plastic

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