Wonder Bible – whether it is true, what you’ve seen on TV?

In this review we are discussing Wonder Bible – a newly designed audio player that appeared on the market at the end of 2017. That’s it, this is the one you’ve seen on TV. We’ll find out how it works, if it is convenient to use and does it require any batteries, can it work with headphones and whether other customers are happy with the purchase. So, here we go.

wonder bible

Why should we study Bible?

Electronic Bible isn’t a textbook – it’s neither about cosmology, nor about natural science or history. This isn’t a scientific book, since it is about religion. Therefore, the most important thing in this book is not scientific or historical facts, but those that God decided to reveal to people about himself.

Both God and people are authors of the Bible. God has told us what he thought was necessary for our salvation. Through the history of the Bible it’s authors put the Word of God into a literary form peculiar to the time when they lived.

Reading Bible properly means seeing between the divine and human part of it. That’s why reading the Bible has not only practical, but quite a spiritual aspect in it.

Each of us learns something through his or her life. But there is something that not many people do in their lives, however this thing is very important for anyone. I’m talking about the World of God, since it tells us about our eternal life.

Let’s try to outline the most important reasons why one should learn the Bible. It will surely help us to take this process more consciously and give us the possibility to explain this necessity to those who are irreligious and motivate their perception of God.

Here are some reasons to learn the Word of God (though each of us has his own reasons):

  • Bible is the Word of God
  • Bible gives us answers to important life issues
  • Bible has true standards of moral principles and values for people
  • The Word of God is spiritual food
  • Bible makes people wiser
  • It shows how God sees us and allows us to see ourselves as God does, because Bible is God’s window to human’s soul.
  • Knowledge that Bible contains gives us power to deal with all difficulties in life
  • A Christian who learns Bible can console and teach those who are desperate and heartbroken
  • Learning Bible (and applying this knowledge) is the only thing that saves you from making mistakes in life
  • Bible is Christian’s weapon. “Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” (Ephesians 6:17)

How Wonder Bible can help you with this?

Sometimes we don’t have time for the most important and necessary things in life. We have our children, parents, health issues and all the vanity of life. All these take our time, attention and we spread ourselves too thin.

Audio Bible gives you a good chance to combine your daily routine with learning the most published book of all times.

Of course, it is convenient to listen to the book when driving or in a public transport as well as when just sitting at the computer or cleaning the house. The audio format is maximally adapted to provide quality listening.

Besides clear sound and a professional reader the audio record together with pleasant men’s voice create comfortable listening atmosphere.

How does Wonder Bible function?

It is a simple, but a reliable audio player. Do you remember these old radios, that we used to have not so long ago? No LED displays, touchpads, screenshots. The device has a solid case, buttons and audio volume is adjusted by a thumbwheel. A headphone and USB jack (to charge the battery) are on the device side.

Let me mention, that some users consider Wonder Bible price to be too high for such old-fashioned technologies used in it, but I prefer reliable devices.

The Wonder Bible uses a 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The battery is a dismountable one (as a rule it is built in and you can’t replace it). It is charged by means of USB cable that comes in the device set. Therefore you can charge the battery in a car, not only at home.

Approximate charging time is about 2 hours and the battery performance is up to 10 hours, though it may vary. Before charging the battery for the first time we recommend to discharge the device completely. You can see the battery level in the right upper corner of the device display.

You can listen to the text both through the speakers and in the headphones. As I’ve already mentioned above, the headphone jack is on the device side.


Electronic Bible has both Old and New Testament. You can switch between them by means of M button. Don’t forget about the third mode – listening to meditation music. It is very easy to manage between the chapters, but at the beginning you’ll need a manual. You should choose the psalm you need and look for its number in the manual.

Then it will be enough just to type its number and it’ll start playing. If you don’t have the manual with you, there is a fast guide with chapters list attached to the Wonder Bible back side. For example, a Song of Solomon number has digits from 1-22-001 to 1-22-008.

Since it is impossible to put all the information on one side of the device the manufacturer has offered quite an unusual decision. Under the 1st page sticker you will find the 2nd page just by taking off the 1st one. At that you can stick the 1st page back. I don’t know how many times you can do this, but still it’s better than none.

But if you want to find the chapters you need on your own, please find the code description below:

The first two digits:

  • 01 – Old Testament
  • 02 – New Testament
  • 03 – music for meditation (10 melodies)
  • The next two digits are the book number
  • The last three digits are the chapter number

Please, notice that the buttons are large and they have large digits on them. It is very important for those who have poor eyesight.

However, the USB jack is small (which is no surprise, since it has its own form). So, keep this in mind if the person you want to present this device to has problems with eyesight.

wonder bible usb

You can switch between the chapters by means of left/right arrow keys and if you push and hold any of them you can rewind the chapter.

The sound

Most of the users enjoy the readers voice. While it is a matter of taste if one likes the voice or not (Read by Christopher Glyn), the volume of sound is an objective parameter. The text is read in proper English, though it has no Spanish version, but maybe it will be included in the future models.

Don’t forget that you can listen to Wonder Bible in the headphones, but if don’t have such a possibility the speakers are powerful enough as well. For example, if you are driving along the road with busy traffic you can hear the reader clearly.

Some customers bought Wonder Bible for their parents, who quite often have some hearing problems. They are very pleased with their purchase, the speakers are loud enough.

Wonder Bible tips

You can find lots of advises, secrets, solutions for the problems and simple video guides here: wonderbibletips.com


Despite the fact that the device is almost a unique one, it has several alternatives. Most of them have negative reviews or low rating.


  • You get the whole Bible in one device
  • User-friendly
  • The reader has a pleasant voice
  • Dismountable and rechargeable battery
  • Attached reference guide
  • It is perfect for those who can’t read for some reason


  • The device can be charged only with USB cable (like the one you use for a smartphone), but not all the devices have it
  • You may get a spoiled product (the device is produced in China)