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How to choose the best bike lock and is it worth buying at all?

Statistically bikes are stolen more often than cars. So, now you are looking for the best lock for your bike? Well, it doesn’t exist. All of them are vulnerable one way or another, but some of them are just more reliable and resist lock snapping longer. In this review you’ll find out about 10 best bike locks, choose the one for you and learn how to use it in a proper way.

I’d like to discuss a topic which is quite challenging for any biker. Because, both beginners and experienced bike riders still quite often inquire about choosing such a bike lock which will make them sure that the bike won’t be stolen.

best bike locks

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Food Cycler Platinum – turns your household organic waste into “gold”!

Every year an average American produces about 475 pounds (215.5 kg) of kitchen slosh. The main problem that leads to expansion in organic wastes amount is the growth of foodstuff industry and human prodigality. Manufacturers fill the shops with their goods trying to increase their sales volume. Consumers in their turn buy more than they actually can eat.

Then all the leftovers and uneaten food go to disposal sites where they dissolve and contaminate the atmosphere with manure gas and other toxic organic compounds. However, this isn’t the only thing that can happen to organic wastes, since it can be used for good as well. Exactly for this purpose Food Cycle Science Company has designed Food Cycler Platinum. This is a small sized, eco-friendly food and garbage disposal unit. This is a new model that has substituted the previous one. This model is an improved one according to users’ feedback received.

Food Cycler Platinum and Food Cycler Indoor Kitchen Compost Container

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XD Design anti theft backpacks review: usability, quality, convenience

I love backpacks. They are mankind’s greatest invention. Unlike packages and cross-body bags a backpack allows to keep your hands free, it properly distributes the load over your shoulders and waist. The only thing I don’t like about rucksacks is that this isn’t what you can take to a business meeting.

Especially if you are wearing a suit and a tie. A business meeting implies having a brief case with you, however, who said that it couldn’t be as convenient as a backpack? Bobby Bizz is a transforming backpack, which makes it a perfect alternative to an ordinary backpack which is a way out in case of a business meeting.

It was quite an event when in 2016 XD Design Bobby an anti-theft backpack for everyday use appeared on the market. The backpack has a unisex design, thoughtfully made inside sections very well protected from unwanted attention – these are the properties a lot of us need during everyday commuting in a public transport, when riding bikes or traveling.

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Wake Up and Sleep Therapy Light – my review

Sunrise alarm clock – is an alarm clock that uses gradually increasing light to wake you up little by little before its sound alarm starts. While other alarm clocks awake you abruptly, Sunrise alarm clock gently prepares your still sleeping mind for waking up, this way telling your body that it’s time to start a new day.

Philips Wake Up Light models are one of the most popular wake-up light alarm clocks, that’s why we’ve decided to devote our current review to them.

Review of Somneo Sleep HF3650

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Mpow Projection Clock review

Just a few years ago I was chuckling when seeing my husband who turned on a bedside lamp, put on his glasses and then spent quite a while trying to focus on the digits on his phone screen to see the time. Now it’s not funny any more, I’m doing the same thing – I can’t see as good as before.

That’s why I decided to buy an electronic projection clock. First, as usual I spend some time surfing the Internet to find the best price for such a clock and to read the reviews. So, now I’m sharing my findings with you.

Mpow Projection Clock review

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