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Flex Seal review: Flex Shot, Flex Glue, Flex Tape, Flex Liquid

In this review you will find information about Flex Seal products – they will help those who need to repair a leak in the roof, pool, barrel or any other object or surface. So, your roof leaks all the time and you are dreaming to fix it once and for all? I think you need a high quality and reliable material, that is easy to apply, safe and that will serve for a long time. I’m sure that Flex Seal is exactly what you need.

For quite a long time builders were missing this perfect material, that will ensure reliable damp proofing. All rolled materials used earlier (such as roof felt) were put end-to-end, therefore all slits were then sealed separately. However, time compromises the integrity of sealing.

The cover loses firm adhesion with the base and exfoliates, joints dissolve and water ingresses inside. Nowadays, liquid rubber appeared and Flex Seal is one of the options you may choose.

Flex Seal

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Wonder Bible – whether it is true, what you’ve seen on TV?

In this review we are discussing Wonder Bible – a newly designed audio player that appeared on the market at the end of 2017. That’s it, this is the one you’ve seen on TV. We’ll find out how it works, if it is convenient to use and does it require any batteries, can it work with headphones and whether other customers are happy with the purchase. So, here we go.

wonder bible

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Bionic Steel Garden Hose Review

In this review, we are introducing Bionic Steel garden hose. As the advert says that a garden hose made from bionic steel is the one that will substitute all the others. It is corrosion-resistant, lightweight, no sharp bends appear on it, and this hose is a weatherproof one.

Let’s see if all the above mentioned is true…

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Roborock E20 review

This review is devoted to the latest product that appeared on robot vacuum cleaners market – Xiaowa Lite model that has another name – Roborock E20. I must say, that if it comes to new robovac models, their renaming and replacements in Xiaomi product line, it is difficult to catch up with the news even for an expert.

Xiaowa Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lite — is a new model of a robot vacuum cleaner by Xiaomi that was introduced in March, 6 2018 at the company’s crowdfunding site. This robot vacuum, just like the previous two models of the device, was designed by Xiaomi in close collaboration with Roborock company due to which it got its official name Roborock E20.

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