Metal detector for gold – how to choose the right one?

Choosing the best metal detector for gold is not an easy task and for beginners it is almost impossible thing to do. On the market there are lots of offers and if you try to gain some insight on these devices, you will find yourself lost in the variety of models and prices.

Besides, treasure hunting for gold can be very different. Someone is looking for it on the beach and someone is looking for gold nuggets. Both these targets require using different metal detectors.

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Waterproof and underwater metal detectors

Have you been thinking of buying an underwater metal detector? In this article you will learn to see between the underwater metal detector and a waterproof metal detector. You will understand how they differ from each other and what they can and can’t do.

What is the difference between Pulse Induction and VLF. There is a separate section containing rating of the best metal detectors for both beach and underwater hunting.

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5 best metal detectors for beginners and useful tips

I remember how I was choosing my first metal detector. Yesterday I was just dreaming about it and now I’m already studying all these frequencies, VLF, discrimination, DD coils and VDI. Frankly speaking, I felt lost.

Reading forums and watching videos clarified everything a bit, but they weren’t of much help. It was an experienced seller of metal detectors, who helped me make up my mind and recommended a good device for me.

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Xiaowa Lite Roborock E20

This review is devoted to the latest product that appeared on robot vacuum cleaners market – Xiaowa Lite model that has another name – Roborock E20. I must say, that if it comes to new robovac models, their renaming and replacements in Xiaomi product line, it is difficult to catch up with the news even for an expert.

Xiaowa Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lite — is a new model of a robot vacuum cleaner by Xiaomi that was introduced in March, 6 2018 at the company’s crowdfunding site. This robot vacuum, just like the previous two models of the device, was designed by Xiaomi in close collaboration with Roborock company due to which it got its official name Roborock E20.

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You rest, they work. Best robot vacuums of 2019

So, you’ve decided to choose the best robot vacuum among lots of those available on the market. Then I’d advise you to spend some time reading this detailed robot vacuum reviews, which will definitely save your efforts and money.
Here we have answers to the following most frequently asked questions:

  1. How can this automatic vacuum save my time?
  2. How good does it clean surfaces?
  3. What is wrong with Chinese robotic vacuum models ?
  4. Which of them all deals best with pets hair removing?
  5. How HEPA-filter is supposed to help those with allergies?
  6. Which robot vacuum models are the best in their price brackets?

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