X-Terra 705 is a professional metal detector of the highest level and it has been popular since 2006! Its performance potential and equipment impress with their huge searching features. The device’s commercial software is so accurately and throughly set, that even the beginner who has just taken this metal detector into his hands will find …

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Garrett Ace 400 is a recent development made by Garrett in 2016. Actually, this device is just more sophisticated replacement for Ace 350 metal detector. ACE 400 can be used as a multi-task metal detector for any type of hunting: relics (coins, artifacts), treasures, gold jewelry on beaches, war booty in forests.

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Whites Coinmaster Pro

This is indeed an ideal entry-level device. To describe it with one phrase I’d say – this is a “switch on and dig” metal detector. It is highly consistent and it has a perfect discrimination function.

Unlike other ordinary Coinmaster metal detectors, Pro model has multi-tonal audio signals (audio identification), a bit improved searching depth and an ability to turn on elements discrimination function selectively in any order.

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Garrett Асе 250

Garrett ACE 250 is an improved ACE 150 model. This reliable, easy in mastering device has a strong presence among modern metal detectors. It is a legend among treasure hunters.

It was Garrett ACE 250 that was used by a lot of contemporary treasure hunting professionals at the beginning of their career and they still like this device.

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