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Bionic Steel Garden Hose Review

In this review, we are introducing Bionic Steel garden hose. As the advert says that a garden hose made from bionic steel is the one that will substitute all the others. It is corrosion-resistant, lightweight, no sharp bends appear on it, and this hose is a weatherproof one.

Let’s see if all the above mentioned is true…

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Roborock E20 review

This review is devoted to the latest product that appeared on robot vacuum cleaners market – Xiaowa Lite model that has another name – Roborock E20. I must say, that if it comes to new robovac models, their renaming and replacements in Xiaomi product line, it is difficult to catch up with the news even for an expert.

Xiaowa Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lite — is a new model of a robot vacuum cleaner by Xiaomi that was introduced in March, 6 2018 at the company’s crowdfunding site. This robot vacuum, just like the previous two models of the device, was designed by Xiaomi in close collaboration with Roborock company due to which it got its official name Roborock E20.

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You rest, they work. Best robot vacuums of 2020

So, you’ve decided to choose the best robot vacuum among lots of those available on the market. Then I’d advise you to spend some time reading this detailed robot vacuum reviews, which will definitely save your efforts and money.
Here we have answers to the following most frequently asked questions:

  1. How can this automatic vacuum save my time?
  2. How good does it clean surfaces?
  3. What is wrong with Chinese robotic vacuum models ?
  4. Which of them all deals best with pets hair removing?
  5. How HEPA-filter is supposed to help those with allergies?
  6. Which robot vacuum models are the best in their price brackets?

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Coravin wine system review – whether wine lovers should buy this?

The situation is familiar to many of us: you’d like to drink some wine, but you don’t want to open the bottle, since it is for some special case. Or another situation: your friends came, but all of them like different drinks – what shall you do with what is left in the bottles?

In 2013 Coravin introduced a wine bottle opener that allows to pour wine without taking the cork out. The drink is poured through the thin needle due to excessive pressure of inerting gas injected into the bottle.

coravin review

Life of wine lovers has become easier and happier once the device appeared. Wine from the bottle opened with Coravin can be stored for month and even years without getting spoiled. Not to speak of restaurant-keepers – this invention has really changed their business!

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